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School Student Bundle

The 'School Student' bundle consists of 3 sessions

(total - 2.5 hours) at a time that suits you.

$250+ GST

Does this sound like you?

So, you are about to finish Grade 12, or still in Grade 9-11 and seeking some part-time work. Study has been driving you crazy and Mum and Dad have been nagging you to get yourself a part-time job.  


You don’t know where to start! 


Let me take you through the following ways to not only build your confidence and fine tune your resume but also give you some practical advice about the job market….
Mum and Dad are going to love this!

So what is included in the 'School Student' bundle?

In our time together, we will cover...

  • Cover letters – Is this a must?  Depending on the role – it might be.

  • Resume – Let’s have a look at that. What's essential, what do you need in it and what don’t you need in it?

  • Job Alerts – This is a must! Set them up so you don’t miss any opportunity.

  • Applications – What to put in an application – should I follow-up after I submit my application? 

  • Job Interviews Preparation - Practice - Presentation

  • What to expect.

  • How to present myself.

  • How to prepare for the interview.

  • Interview tips – I will give you an understanding of how to answer those, what seem like tricky questions.

  • Asking questions at interview – be prepared.

  • After interview – should I follow up? How to approach that situation.


And any other questions that you have around
helping you find employment.

I would love your help Catherine...

how can we catch up?


In person

Over the phone


I offer this bundle in person, over the phone or Virtually (through programs like Zoom, Skype etc.)

Do you have further questions?

Love to hear from you

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