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New Opportunity Bundle

Seeking a new opportunity and need some help fine tuning your resume and interview skills?

The 'New Opportunity' bundle consists of 3 sessions (total - 2.5 hours) at a time that suits you.

$250 + GST

Does this sound like you?

Your have been in the same job for years and you are feeling a little too comfortable and perhaps a little bored. You are saying to yourself, this is my life and I really want to try something new - but I don’t know where to start. 

So what is included in the

'New Opportunity' bundle?

In our time together, we will cover...

  • Cover letters – Is this a must?  Depending on the role – it might be.

  • Resume – Let’s have a look at that. What's essential, what do you need in it and what don’t you need in it?

  • Job Alerts – This is a must! Set them up so you don’t miss any opportunity.

  • Applications – What to put in an application – should I follow-up after I submit my application? 

  • Job Interviews Preparation - Practice - Presentation

  • What to expect.

  • How to present myself.

  • How to prepare for the interview.

  • Interview tips – I will give you an understanding of how to answer those, what seem like tricky questions.

  • Asking questions at interview – be prepared.

  • After interview – should I follow up? How to approach that situation.


And any other questions that you have around
helping you find employment.

I would love your help Catherine...

how can we catch up?


In person

Over the phone


I offer this bundle in person, over the phone or Virtually (through programs like Zoom, Skype etc.)

Do you have further questions?

Love to hear from you

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