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Each bundle consists of 3 sessions (total - 2.5 hours) at a time that suits you.
I look forward to helping you navigate through the crucial areas in helping you gain successful employment.

What are the bundles?

School Student Bundle

Currently at school and seeking part-time work -need a resume and some practical advice to find that job ...this bundle is for you.

University Bundle

You are getting close to finishing University – well done! Suddenly it's time to look for a job, be it part-time or for your new career and you don’t know where to start!

RRT Bundle

Retrenched, Made Redundant or Terminated?

Yes folks, this has happened to the best of us – not feeling great now – however there are bigger and better opportunities out there for you.

New Opportunity Bundle

Seeking a new opportunity and need some help fine tuning your applications, resume and those  interview skills?

What will be included in your bundles?

Cover Letters

Some great advice on writing that customised introduction on you and your suitability to perform the role of your dreams!


So important to ensure you are highlighting the skills that you have to offer that align with what the employer is looking for.

Job Alerts 

How to set those job alerts  up, so you don’t miss any opportunity.


What’s available out there? How do you research your next position?


 Once you have applied

- where to from here?

Should you follow-up after you submit your application? 


Job Interviews

Preparation - Practice - Presentation

What to expect

How to present yourself 

How to prepare

Interview tips

After interview followup

I would love your help Catherine...

how can we catch up?


In person

Over the phone


I offer these services in person, over the phone or Virtually (through programs like Zoom, Skype etc.)

Do you have further questions?

Love to hear from you

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